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About Me

Break down barriers and get ready to fly!

A Little About Me...

I love working with people and have thought about starting a coaching business for years. As an educator, I’ve helped students of all ages work on mindset and confidence in order to be successful. The feedback from those I'd helped was overwhelming, and I knew I was being led in this direction.

In January 2023, I had knee replacement surgery, was out of school for a month, and decided that was the time to start my training. I had my first "real" client before I even launched my business on March 1, 2023!

As I considered my ideal client, I was drawn to those who needed accountability, focus, and goal-setting help so they could find success.

Now the question is...are you ready to break down the barriers that are holding you back from being the awesomeness you were meant to be?!?

Wishing you much success,

Karen Poole, M.Ed, Ed.S.

Certified Professional Life Coach & Success Coach