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Loretta Kelley ~ LifeWave Brand Partner


I am Loretta Kelley. I have 4 children that are all grown now.I have 15 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren.

I love to go camping and fishing. I enjoy going to vendor shows and doing a vendor show myself. I love meeting people!

I just got involved in the LifeWave company. LifeWave is a company involved in stem cell therapy.

Sarah Nava~ Magnabilities Affiliate designer & council leader

 Magnabilities is customizable sentimental interchangeable magnetic jewelry and frames. Hi my name is Sarah, affiliate designer and Council Leader! I have been with Magnabilities for 7 years. I love the universal pieces and love how we can make sentimental pieces for our customers. What can I create for you?

A little about me. I’m a us navy disable veteran, met my husband and soul mate in Italy while serving, we will be celebrating 24 years of marriage in October. We have 2 grown children, a daughter-in-law, and 4 grandchildren. My family is my everything.

I also have 2 smaller business of my own; photography and crafts.

Michelle Reed ~ Waves of Pearls

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Affiliate Links to Some of Our Faves

I am proud to be a third-party affiliate with the companies below. If I don't believe in the company and products, you won't see them below! I may make a commission off these links and I appreciate your support. However, integrity is important to me and even though I may make a little something, these are products companies/products I stand by!


Perfect for businesses that want to accept credit cards online, in-person, and through invoices. We have an online store through them and use them to process our credit card payments at events while selling Kitcheneez.


A perfect way to enjoy more meals at home. These meal mixes allow you to use only a few ingredients and still make the most delicious meals. Our favorites are the skillet and one-pot meals. So quick and easy!

Transformation Academy

Quality instruction for those who want to become life coaches. There are so many options it may be hard to choose just one niche!


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