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Terms & Conditions

The Dragonfly Society, LLC (referred to as “company”) is owned by Karen Poole (referred to as “owner”). The following terms and conditions are an agreement between the company and the client or customer (referred to as “client”).


The information you provide will not be shared with a third party. The data is stored in the Payhip website (our website provider), MailerLite (or email provider), and also may be downloaded onto the company computer for the purpose of communication and reporting purposes. Data is also stored in our account with SimplyCoach, our coaching platform. Payment information goes through Stripe. For more detailed information, please see our full Privacy Policy.

Limitations of Liability

Neither the company nor its owner, employees, or beneficiaries shall be held liable for damages, expense, loss, injury, or death suffered by the client as a result of the performance of products or services offered provided such damages are not the result of serious or intentional misconduct or arising out of acts or omissions by yourself or by your Coach as a result of the advice given by your Coach or otherwise resulting from the coaching relationship contemplated by this agreement.

You further declare and represent that no promise, inducement or agreement not expressed in this agreement has been made to you to sign this agreement. This agreement shall bind your heirs, executors, personal representatives, successors, assigns, and agents.

Permitted Use

Materials including but not limited to printed and electronic materials may only be used by the client for personal use. The materials may not be shared, transferred, or sold to others.

External Sites

The company and owner are not responsible for the accuracy and content of third-party sites.

Governing Law

The laws in the state of Texas will govern this agreement. Any disputes will be resolved in the company’s jurisdiction.

Third-Party Materials

Clients may receive third-party materials as part of their coaching sessions, group sessions, workshops, etc. Every effort will be made by the company to check content and accuracy before distribution. The company is not liable for any errors or omissions by third parties.

Website Cookies

Cookies are collected to provide a better experience for our clients. These cookies remember small bits of information to improve your experience when you return to the site.

Parental Rights

While coaching/class time with a child is a time to allow children to speak freely, a parent/guardian will be informed if their child discusses an imminent intent to harm self or others. 

Other measures to protect the child as a client and the company:

 *All virtual meetings will be recorded. Session/meeting recordings will be stored in Google Drive and NOT be available for viewing unless requested for legal reasons by law enforcement or a lawyer. Parents/guardians will not be permitted to view any group sessions in order to protect the confidentiality of other participants.

 *Written correspondence between the child and the company will be retained by the company, including text messages. This correspondence will be used for check-ins between sessions as agreed upon by the child’s parent/guardian. No correspondence directly with a child will be initiated by the company without parent/guardian approval.

 *Parents are welcome to sit in on private coaching sessions although children may not speak as freely with a parent present.

 *In-person coaching will be done in a public location.

 *Any signs of child abuse will be reported to the child’s local Child Protective Services agency.

Right to Refuse Service

The company has the right to refuse service to any client or a member of his party for the following reasons: 

 *more than 15 minutes late for an appointment- In this case the session and fee for that session will be forfeited with no opportunity to make it up.

 *behavior that is disruptive

 *threatens the safety of workers and other clients

 *threatens the safety of the client such as active threats to harm oneself or commit suicide or harm/kill others. In such cases, the client will be referred to a professional and all monies collected for future sessions (when enrolled in an ongoing service) will be refunded. This does not include discussions about past threats or hypothetical instances that may come up in a session that is used to help a client move forward toward their goal.

 *Because client success requires work outside of the session times, clients who continuously do not do this work may be released from their remaining session contract with 75% of the remaining session’s payments being refunded. Ex. Client pays for 8 sessions. After 4 weeks of no outside work done by the client, the coach can terminate the contract and the client will be refunded for 3 out of the 4 remaining sessions. 


If the coach needs to cancel a session, 24 hours notice will be given. If cancellation is within 24 hours, an additional 30 minutes of coaching will be given, in addition to the session you missed.

If the client needs to cancel a 1:1 session, 24 hours notice is required in order to reschedule the session. If the session is canceled within 24 hours, the fee will be forfeited unless the coach has time to reschedule, but this is solely at the discretion of the coach.

If the client is not able to attend a group session, that time cannot be made up unless there is another similar session that is appropriate for a make-up session. All materials from the missed session will still be given to the client who misses the session. Fees for the missed session will be forfeited.


Payments are processed immediately through a third-party provider, Stripe. Credit card statements should show "Payhip-Dragonfly," “The Dragonfly Society,” or “The Dragonfly Society LLC.” However, the credit card company determines what is actually seen by the customer.

Payment is due at the time of checkout. Any monthly payments will be processed on the same date of purchase each month. So a 3-month payment originally purchased on the 25th will be charged the 25th each month.

Right to Cancel & Refunds

Due to the nature of The Dragonfly Society LLC’s services, much depends on the willingness of the client to follow through and have a positive attitude. Neither of those are controlled by the company. Therefore, once a service has been provided, the customer is responsible for continuing to use the tools that were taught in order to move toward success. Please keep in mind that, depending on the goal, success in the sessions cannot usually be measured in a short amount of time and instead should be measured in terms of moving toward the goal.

However, we do realize things sometimes don't work out.

A client may request to terminate sessions within the first 30 days by giving 7-day notice in writing. 

A refund will be issued for remaining sessions. Please allow 7 days for refund.

For those on a payment plan, a final charge for services rendered and not paid for will occur within 7 days of your cancellation. For example, if you've had 4 sessions and on your payment plan you only paid for 3 so far, you will be charged for 1 more session. But don't worry! We'll contact you first!

Please note: Products may not be returned or refunded except for items that arrive damaged and reported within 5 days of receipt. A replacement product will be sent instead when possible. If one is not available, the purchasers will have the option to choose something else or receive a refund.


The parties acknowledge that they have read, understood, and agree to the terms listed above. The company acknowledges the client has voluntarily entered into this agreement.

(updated 1/27/2024)